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Fiber-optic Solutions for Government & Municipalities

Security, speed, and scalability are the absolute essentials to any government network—federal, state, or local. The data and information processed by and shared between governmental organizations is often of the utmost sensitivity. Government services cannot be interrupted by downtime, delays, slow response, or network bottlenecks. Networks must accommodate ever-expanding information and data sharing with lightning speed, reliability, efficiency, and absolutely minimal risk of interruption or security breech.

More secure, cost-effective data sharing and government services are a must.
State governments and municipalities experience budget pressures that call for cost-efficiency at every turn—requiring enhancing existing networks rather than building new wherever possible. That’s why demand for such initiatives as modernizing public utility operations, integrating copper-based networks with fiber, creating redundant data storage for security, and enhancing connectivity between people, data bases, government offices, departments, agencies, buildings, even communities continues to grow in order to improve government operations and provide efficient services to the public.

IntegraOptics’ expertise assures you of end-to-end quality and reliability through carrier-grade transceivers, fiber jumpers, connectors, test equipment, backed by the engineering expertise to develop components that can expand the capabilities of your networks without major infrastructure investment.

Thousands of OEM compatible, pre-tested components ready to ship.
One reason government IT professionals trust working with IntegraOptics is the vast inventory of pre-tested, OEM-compatible components we keep on hand, right here in the U.S. Most of our transceivers, passives, and accessories ship the same day. Many other OEM-compatible suppliers neither pre-test for quality or stock large enough inventories to respond promptly–meaning you could be waiting weeks or months for critical components.

In addition, if you need custom-engineered parts that will expand your capabilities without requiring heavy infrastructure investment, our custom-engineering capabilities can offer you performance enhancements on standard parts the OEMs do not.

And IntegraOptics components are available direct and through and our growing network of industry solution providers.

Questions to Ask Your Fiber Optics Supplier