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Fiber-optic Network Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare institutions must have lightning-speed networks to provide crucial services and to handle the enormous data loads involved in imaging, robotics, patient information transfer, and much more.

But network engineers must overcome diverse challenges to realize this goal. Complexities include designing for multiple remote locations, establishing uniform campus-wide operations, integrating with or updating outdated technologies, and supporting maintenance procedures across incompatible networks acquired or built over time.

Solving Big Data and Compliance Challenges
Moreover, high-performance data center requirements are driven by both patient care needs and by federal data-handling regulations. Bandwidth-intensive technologies are accelerating demand for speed and capacity. Fortunately, whether it’s transporting digital MRI images between facilities, or sending patient records to an emergency room cross-country, there is no demand in the healthcare arena that the right fiber-optic network can’t handle.

IntegraOptics offers fiber optic transceivers and CWDM passive units that can not only reduce costs, but also be custom-engineered to provide capabilities the OEM doesn’t offer, minimizing the need for additional, expensive build-out.

Thousands of OEM compatible, pre-tested components ready to ship.
One reason network engineers trust working with IntegraOptics is the vast inventory of pre-tested, OEM-compatible components we keep on hand, right here in the U.S. Most of our transceivers, passives, and accessories ship the same day. Many other OEM-compatible suppliers neither pre-test for quality or stock large enough inventories to respond promptly–meaning you could be waiting weeks or months for critical components.

In addition, if you need custom-engineered parts that will expand your capabilities without requiring heavy infrastructure investment, our custom-engineering capabilities can offer you performance enhancements on standard parts the OEMs do not.

And IntegraOptics components are available direct, online, through major distributors, and our growing network of industry solution providers.

Questions to Ask Your Fiber Optics Supplier