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Fiber-optic Network Products

Are you looking to increase network capacity and improve performance with reliable fiber-optic equipment? IntegraOptics extends the value of your network by offering high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to OEM connectors, and custom components that even OEMs don’t supply. All of our products are engineered, tested, and stocked in our U.S. headquarters, and backed by our robust customer support and full warranty.

OEM Platforms and Custom Components
IntegraOptics has testing capability for most OEM platforms and stocks a broad inventory of OEM parts in our U.S. headquarters.

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Find out why network engineers who switch to IntegraOptics never switch back. Buy your fiber-optic components from Integra and enjoy:

  • Superior product performance and reliability
  • Domestically stocked inventory
  • Short lead times – usually 1 to 3 days
  • Reputable engineers – we design, program, and test every component in-house
  • Personalized service, including highly customized solutions

Product Categories
Optical Transceivers
Passive Optical Components
Fiber Jumpers

Questions to Ask Your Fiber-Optics Vendor

Reliability. Where does the testing and coding take place? Is it in-house or third party?

The vast majority of companies who sell third party optics blindly purchase their hardware with “open coding” from the manufacturer whose components are bought from the lowest bidder; what you see is what you get.

While there are a few OEM network platforms available that will accept open coded optics without issue, many routing and switching manufacturers’ require some level of additional programming on their transceivers.

Look for a company that does all their coding and testing in-house, conducted by on-staff engineers. These companies are able to monitor quality control and ensure the functionality and reliability of their products.

U.S. Inventory. Where is the company’s inventory stocked? How long does it take to get to you?

Fiber optic equipment is not cheap, and with all the variations in configurations, keeping shelves stocked with ready-to-ship inventory can be costly. For this reason, most OEM compatible providers won’t stock a large variety of products domestically. This can mean that some products have 8-16 week lead times, whereas a company that maintains a ready stock could have those same products to you in less than one week, helping you to complete your projects on time and cost-effectively.

It is definitely more beneficial to work with a company that does their testing and coding in-house and has a broad range of products stocked domestically. This will help in your project planning and also provide you peace of mind.

Customer Support. Is the company a ‘Click-to-Pay’ with minimum-to-no customer service or do they have Personal Customer Relationships?

When shopping online for inexpensive OEM compatible parts you will find a variety of providers ranging from a personal service approach to ‘click and pay,’ It’s a matter of preference for you, the purchaser, as to which style you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes with ‘click-to-pay’ sites you’re forfeiting customer service. This may not seem important at the time of purchase, but can become a major issue at a time of crisis. Learn more about IntegraOptics’ robust support and service.

Warranty. Does the company provide a warranty on their compatible transceivers?

Some OEMs may imply that using third party transceivers will void the warranty on their equipment. At the same time a vast majority of OEM compatible providers will tell you that is a misconception and will quote excerpts from the Federal Trade Commission’s Magnuson-Moss Act that does say, in so many words, consumer warranties cannot include ‘tie-in’ sales, meaning warrantors cannot require that only their branded parts be used with the product in order to retain the warranty. In either case, it is wise to be conscious of what your equipment warranty states, but to also not limit your cost saving potential. If you do elect to use a third party compatible provider, you will find their warranties span a wide range.

Look for a company that will provide at least a one year ‘repair or replace’ warranty.

Customization. Are the company’s products limited to ‘off-the-shelf’ or can they customize?

IntegraOptics is unique in our ability to create custom products to your exact specifications. Our staff of experienced engineers can even produce solutions to your challenges that the OEMs sometimes can’t or won’t. LEARN MORE