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What Our Customers Say About IntegraOptics Fiber-Optic Solutions

IntegraOptics provides industry-standard fiber-optic equipment designed to increase capacity and improve performance of the telephone, cable, enterprise, education, healthcare, and government clients it serves. We stand apart from our competitors through our unique emphasis on:

Are you looking for faster delivery, better inventory, superior quality, or better support?

Try IntegraOptics! You’ll be glad you did.

  • Fast Turnaround. We stock an industry-leading inventory right here in the U.S. so clients can get their components within hours or days.
  • Quality. Our resident engineers and technicians program and test every component to ensure functionality and reliability.
  • Responsiveness and Service. We provide personalized service, including the ability to design, code, deliver, and support customized products that meet client specifications.

What Our Customers Say

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has earned the trust and loyalty of clients throughout the industry. Here are some of the statements they’ve offered in anonymous surveys:

  • Why We Switched to IntegraOptics
  • “We used to buy optics from an OEM (Cisco) and two or three third-party vendors. Integra tested better. We were impressed with quality and product compatibility and programmability.”
  • “Integra offered us [a discount and] delivery in a week versus four weeks from the other suppliers.”
  • “We were a new company ourselves and were only buying from the OEM. We called around and got recommendations. Integra’s prices were better and when we tested them in the field, they were able to customize as we requested.”
  • “We’ve had issues with compatibility and things not working with other third parties. We have not had this issue with Integra.”
  • Responsive Customer Service and Fast Delivery
  • “The delivery and customer service I get from Integra is extremely high. I have worked with other engineering companies and it’s as easy at Integra as it’s been anywhere. I’ve never had to wait for product.”
  • “Their shipping time is the best we have seen: one to two days turnaround on optics.”
  • “Integra has optics in-stock and can get them to us in two days or less.”
  • “Integra is easy to work with.”
  • “They are extremely responsive. There is quick turnaround on quotes and orders and they can get product out the same day in a pinch.”
  • “They offer a high degree of service and immediate response to questions. Their knowledge about part technology is immense. They quickly investigate and research on our behalf. They help work out a test plan for any new component and make sure it will work reliably.”
  • “Integra sends out sample products that allow the engineer to plug in and see that it works. Also they present their products well: the packaging has the description, product #, form factor, speed, and platform.”
  • “They are here when we need them and they are responsive, which is a huge requirement. Sometimes they’ll drop it off on-site. Sometimes we need something at the last minute. Their fast delivery is key to us.”
  • “Integra goes above and beyond. They are cordial and professional and provide quick turnaround for quality products.”
  • Pricing
  • We went with Integra initially to get a lower price point. They were able to code to manufacturer’s specs and sell at a lower price. It was price and performance that caused us to switch to Integra.”
  • “Their prices are competitive and their quality is high. We have a very low level of returns.”
  • “I am very satisfied. Integra offers good prices and good quality.”
  • “Their price is not the cheapest but they are responsive, reliable, and have products available [when I need them].”

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