Enterprise Partnerships

Enterprise Partners’ Secret Weapon

Choosing Integra helps win bids

When bids for network equipment get competitive and margins are tight, you need a secret weapon, an advantage to differentiate your proposal from the competition. Integra understands your need for a creative technology solution that demonstrates added value and positions you as a trusted advisor. We’re changing the game for our enterprise partners. How do we do it? With optics that are more available, more reliable, and that maximize your earning potential. Choosing Integra helps win bids and drive margin.

A Competitive Edge For Network Bids

Choosing Integra Optics transceivers gives our sales partners a clear advantage:

  • Better profit margins: Competitively priced compared to OEM transceivers, for extra negotiating leverage and a better bottom line
  • More reliable optics: Manufactured to the industry’s highest standards, 100% interoperable across all OEM platforms, accurately coded and triple-tested to be 33 times more reliable than the OEM and third-party generics
  • Quicker delivery: The largest domestic inventory in the Western Hemisphere makes our optics more available than OEM and third-party generics, for faster fulfillment and on-demand shipping

Transceivers Your Customers Can Count On

A network crash means lost revenue, decreased customer satisfaction, and reduced customer retention. There’s no room to cut corners when your reputation and your bottom line are at stake. Equipment failure and truck rolls quickly reveal the true cost of choosing inferior components. With Integra Optics, you can be confident that you’re providing your customers with the best transceivers in the industry at a competitive price.

Service & Support To Help You Win

Integra Optics is committed to helping our partners be more successful. When you specify Integra transceivers, you’ll benefit from the most reliable optics available and costs that gives you room to win. If you’d like to explore partnering with us, or need technical/pricing support, you can contact us through one of the channels listed below.

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Did You Know?

Every year, more organizations are setting goals for supplier diversity programs to increase their use of women-owned, minority-owned and Veteran-owned businesses. Integra Optics’ standing as a Veteran-owned business, founded by a United States Navy Veteran, may give you an advantage with procurement policies of government- and private-sector customers.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified For Quality Manufacturing

Integra Optics fiber optic products are manufactured for quality and performance, and are certified by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.