Smart Coder 2

Now Available and Ready to Ship! The NEW Smart Coder2

The Smart Coder2 is now available for you to order! You can contact your sales rep to place your order or talk to one of our optics experts. 

Smart Coder2 Product Features:

  • NEW! Bluetooth connectivity
  • NEW! Battery powered, no need to plug it in!
  • NEW! Smart Coder Mobile Application for Android and iOS
  • Recode all Integra transceivers in current form factors from 1G to 400G, for over 50+ OEM platforms
  • Reduce sparing! Use the Smart Coder+ to tune 10G tunables or recode to a 10G or 1G fixed DWDM channel
  • Recode transceivers as many times as needed
  • Conduct diagnostic monitoring on both Integra and non Integra brand transceivers (transmit power, receive power, temperature, and more)
  • Offline tuning capabilities
  • Recode cabled transceivers
  • Recode frequently used platforms with our new “Favorites and Searching” functionality
  • Quickly recode multiple components to the same platform/finished part with batch coding
  • Connect multiple Smart Coders to the same computer and recode optics in parallel
  • Fast charging mode when using included charging block
  • Easily select parts and platforms with user-friendly interface
  • Work with Integra engineers in real time through the app’s remote support feature

Smart CoderPackage Options:

  • Smart Coder
  • Travel Bag
  • Fast Charging Block
  • USB Cable
  • Installation Guide
  • Instructional Video

Talk to one of our optics experts to determine which device is the right fit for you!

Software Installations:

For additional support, please download the Smart Coder Installation Guide and the Integra Tuner User Guide

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