Fiber Optic Network Project Tools

Network management is a complex, evolving field. But there are certain best practices and smart workflows that can boost the uptime of just about any network. Simple fiber optic network project tools are immensely powerful ways to document best practices, and have the added benefit of creating accountability.

Integra regularly publishes interactive tools for both network managers and field technicians. Our tools are built from experience working with a wide range of customers, and cover everything from troubleshooting processes to selecting suppliers.

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Cost of Failure Calculator

The True Cost of Downtime Do you know your true cost of failure? You can deliver all the bandwidth in the world, but when your network unexpectedly fails, it can have a direct and far reaching impact on your bottom line and ongoing operations. Every second of downtime means more dissatisfied customers, more expensive truck rolls… Read more »

Evaluating a Product Vendor

The quality of an optic isn’t always obvious. Even the biggest brand names have issues, and some vendors don’t go much beyond selling parts. If you want to ensure your network’s reliability, here are some great questions to ask a new vendor.