Integra Optics Unveils QSFP28 100GBASE-ER1 Bidirectional Transceiver

Simplifying Networks with Seamless Long-Distance Connectivity IRVINE, Calif. – Integra Optics., an Infinite Electronics brand and innovative, global supplier of carrier-grade fiber optic components, has announced its latest offering: the QSFP28 100GBASE-ER1 bidirectional (single fiber) 40km transceiver. Designed to meet the evolving demands of modern networking environments, the 100GBASE-BX40 QSFP28 optical transceiver module is engineered… Read more »

Semi-Custom Fiber Optics Uses: Enhancing Networks with Tailored Solutions

Delve into the fascinating world of fiber optics uses in modern network architectures. When it comes to network architectures, there is never a one size that fits all solution. Distance, data rate, and density of the network connections can vary from one deployment to the next which ultimately drive your optical requirements. All of these… Read more »

The Untold Impact of Fiber Optic Cleanliness on Network Performance

In the intricate web of modern network connections, fiber optics play a pivotal role. Acting as the lifelines of our digital age, they transmit data across cities, countries, and continents at the speed of light. Yet, amidst the complex discussions of network speed and reliability, there’s an often overlooked facet that significantly impacts the efficiency… Read more »

Integra Optics Launches Integra Tuner Mobile App to Streamline DWDM Tuning and Deployment Processes

Integra Tuner Mobile App Is Designed to Help DWDM Technicians in the Field IRVINE, Calif. – Integra Optics., an Infinite Electronics brand and innovative global supplier of carrier-grade fiber optic components, announces the launch of its Integra Tuner mobile app. The cutting-edge mobile application is designed to help field technicians working with dense wavelength division… Read more »

Available Optics Optimize Uptime!

Optics Availability and Your Channel Partners Whether you are architecting the latest hyperscale datacenter or putting in a small enterprise server and storage closet, every network engineer and supply chain manager at Integra Optics wants to ensure that all the equipment arrives when you need it. Once you have mapped out your server and storage… Read more »

Dirty Fiber? Let’s Take Care of That!

We’ve all heard it a thousand times. Make sure you clean your fiber. Really, how important is it? If you have a brand new fiber that you’ve just taken out of the package, can’t you just skip cleaning? Just this once? I know you’re not likely to have the discipline to clean every fiber at… Read more »

Reliable at Scale

Integra utilizes both our human and robotics team to ensure that all optics are triple tested before they leave our facility. We have a dedicated team ensuring that all optics are coded and tested so that they work correctly 100% of the time. 100% Focused on Uptime: We manufacture our transceivers to be 100% interoperable… Read more »

We Are Platform Agnostic

Integra’s optics are interoperable with over 80+ OEM platforms- a perfect partner when juggling multi-platform networks. Paired with our Smart Coder, this helps both reduce CAPEX and OPEX, helping customers future-proof their network, spare more efficiently and reconfigure optics from one platform to another. Are you ready to spare more efficiently? Talk to one of… Read more »