Available Optics Optimize Uptime!

Optics Availability and Your Channel Partners Whether you are architecting the latest hyperscale datacenter or putting in a small enterprise server and storage closet, every network engineer and supply chain manager at Integra Optics wants to ensure that all the equipment arrives when you need it. Once you have mapped out your server and storage… Read more »

Dirty Fiber? Let’s Take Care of That!

We’ve all heard it a thousand times. Make sure you clean your fiber. Really, how important is it? If you have a brand new fiber that you’ve just taken out of the package, can’t you just skip cleaning? Just this once? I know you’re not likely to have the discipline to clean every fiber at… Read more »

Reliable at Scale

Integra utilizes both our human and robotics team to ensure that all optics are triple tested before they leave our facility. We have a dedicated team ensuring that all optics are coded and tested so that they work correctly 100% of the time. 100% Focused on Uptime: We manufacture our transceivers to be 100% interoperable… Read more »

We Are Platform Agnostic

Integra’s optics are interoperable with over 80+ OEM platforms- a perfect partner when juggling multi-platform networks. Paired with our Smart Coder, this helps both reduce CAPEX and OPEX, helping customers future-proof their network, spare more efficiently and reconfigure optics from one platform to another. Are you ready to spare more efficiently? Talk to one of… Read more »

We Ship Same-Day

Lead times are extending by weeks or even months, delaying projects because you can’t get the materials you need. That is why Integra has invested in an extensive inventory to fulfill your urgent needs. Our facilities are fully-stocked and ready to ship to you same day.  With just one move, you can gain flexibility and… Read more »

The Structured Approach to Network Troubleshooting

Have you been on the receiving end of a call informing you that there was an “impacting event”, “service-affecting outage”, or “mission-critical failure”? If so, it probably came at the least opportune time; sitting down at a restaurant, just as you’re getting off work, or even in the middle of the night. This inspires a… Read more »

Customer Testimonial: Horry Telephone

Hear what Jimmy Anderson has to say about the importance of choosing a partner, not just an optics supplier and how Integra’s 24/7 engineering support helped Horry Telephone develop software compatibility to deliver the services they needed, in record breaking time.

Top 5 Essential Tools Every Technician Needs

Having the right tool for the job is such a common-place phrase for good reason! Whether you are a network technician, a plumber, or a dentist, having the proper tools in your tool kit makes you more effective, efficient, and can help guarantee the highest quality of the job at hand. For a network technician,… Read more »

OFC 2020: Insights in a COVID-19 Environment

In our industry, staying up-to-date on cutting edge technologies is more important now than ever. Operating in a COVID-19 environment has driven the demand for data and tested the need for reliable networks more than ever before. As a part of our research into trends and technologies, we typically attend the annual Optical Fiber Communication… Read more »

Integra Optics and the Buy American Act

What is the Buy American Act? The Buy American Act (BAA) requires U.S. federal government agencies to procure U.S. domestic goods for public use purposes. Qualifying products must be manufactured in the U.S., with the majority of constituent components by value, produced in the U.S. or in select countries qualified by Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)…. Read more »