The Integra Optics Story

100% focused on uptime

Integra Optics, an Infinite Electronics brand, understands that business and consumer end users expect their internet and phones to work 100% of the time. That’s why Integra Optics is 100% focused on uptime. Our mission is to ensure that our customers can turn up services faster, build out the fiber networks they need to be competitive, and keep them up and running.

A vision of more reliable uptime

Integra Optics has quickly become a leader in the telecommunications industry. Recognized for our innovative network solutions, product reliability, technical expertise and personalized customer service, the company is one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies on the INC 5000 list. Today, we’re an international organization with a total of 80 employees working in our Latham, NY,  headquarters and in satellite locations across the United States, Canada and South America.

Founded on three guiding principles

Integra Optics delivers on our promise of uptime by focusing on three basic principles for our manufacturing and supply chain operations.

  • Interoperability: We manufacture our transceivers to be 100% interoperable across all OEM platforms.
  • Reliability: We deliver them correctly coded and tested 100% of the time using the only high-speed robots in the Western Hemisphere. As a result, Integra brand optics are 33 times more reliable than both OEM and third party generics.
  • Availability: Because we have the largest inventory in the Western Hemisphere, Integra customers are increasingly turning to us to manage their supply chains.

Serving telecom, cable and data network industries

Integra Optics helps network engineers, designers and managers around the world build out new fiber optic networks, extend the value of their existing networks and maintain uptime with the most reliable transceivers and fiber optic components available. We’re providing network solutions for over 300 organizations worldwide. Our customers include:

  • Telecommunications Companies, Cable/MSO Service Providers.
  • Enterprise Data Centers in government, corporations, healthcare, utilities, and education verticals

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Integra Optics holds the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification for the processes involved in the design, engineering, development, production, distribution, installation, and servicing of our line of fiber optic products. Integra earned ISO certification by focusing on customer support, planning, leadership, a dedicated approach to quality, fact-based decision-making, mutually-beneficial supplier relationships, and, of course, continual improvement.

Meet our Leadership Team

About Infinite Electronics International, Inc.:

Based in Irvine, Calif., Infinite Electronics International, Inc. offers a broad range of components, assemblies and wired/wireless connectivity solutions, serving the aerospace/defense, industrial, government, consumer electronics, instrumentation, medical and telecommunications markets. Infinite’s brands include Pasternack, Fairview Microwave, L-com, MilesTek, Aiconics, KP Performance Antennas, PolyPhaser, Transtector, RadioWaves, NavePoint, ShowMe Cables, and Integra Optics. Infinite Electronics serves a global engineering customer base with deep technical expertise and support, with one of the broadest inventories of products available for immediate shipment.