How to know when you’re ready for maximum uptime

Do you lie awake at night, thinking about all the things that could go wrong with your network? Do you check the calendar to see how much longer until that order of replacement transceivers arrive? And when your phone rings, do you imagine it might be bad news?

If you’re the one responsible for your organization’s fiber optic network, you know the pressure of delivering uninterrupted service for your customers. You can deliver all the bandwidth, bitrate and distance in the world, but in the big picture, the real measure of your success is uptime. When the network goes down, all your customers think about is a ticking clock. Every second of downtime means more dissatisfied customers, more expensive truck rolls and ultimately, lost revenue.

It’s time to eliminate the uncertainty of network management:

  • Are you tired of using inferior transceivers with fail rates of 1-in-300?
  • Are you unwilling to accept that almost 10% of OEM and third party generic optics are incorrectly coded (and subsequently fail on network restart)?
  • Are you frustrated by waiting weeks or even months for replacement transceiver orders to arrive?

If you’ve had enough of downtime caused by inferior optics, it’s time to improve your network reliability and uptime. Start with network solutions from Integra Optics, a Veteran-owned business that’s run with military precision. Every product we develop, every service we offer and every decision we make is to help ensure that your network stays up and running. How do we do it?

Integra Optics is 100% focused on uptime:

  • We manufacture our transceivers to be 100% interoperable across all OEM platforms.
  • We deliver them correctly coded 100% of the time using the industry’s only high-speed robots in the Western Hemisphere.
  • As a result, Integra brand optics are proven to be 33 times more reliable than both OEM and third party generics.
  • We have the largest inventory in the Western Hemisphere, so our customers enjoy unrivaled availability and are increasingly turning to us to manage their network uptime supply chains.

And you can expect the same commitment to uptime across all Integra brand offerings: transceivers, passives, fiber jumpers, meters, Smart Coder and uptime optimization services.

Learn more about how Integra Optics is leading the industry in uptime.

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