Spare more efficiently and reconfigure optics in the field

Integra’s Suite of Smart Coders:

Now you can spare more efficiently and gain patented flexibility with Integra’s Smart Coder, Smart Coder+ and the Smart Coder2. These powerful devices give network engineers and field techs the power to quickly reconfigure transceivers for any network hardware. Small enough to fit in a technician’s “Uptime Kit,” our Smart Coder’s can save hours (or even days) by making Integra optics usable for any network hardware at a moment’s notice.

Just plug the device into the USB port on your laptop, open the app, and plug in the transceiver. The user-friendly web interface displays the transceiver’s optical power, coding history and diagnostics. Simply select your desired coding configuration and the Smart Coder programs the transceiver for the requested hardware.

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Software Installations: