Network Uptime Case Studies

Achieving Quality Nationwide 5G Coverage with Third Party Optics

What does investing billions of dollars in spectrum mean for a tier 1 wireless carrier? It means they must rapidly install the equipment needed to utilize that spectrum and achieve the quality nationwide 5G coverage their customers demand.

See how Integra won a third party optics partnership with a billion-dollar company and helped them achieve their aggressive 5G network deployment.

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Enabling Seamless Transition to DWDM Access Networks

One of our MSO customers challenged us to eliminate the time they spent forecasting, ordering, stocking, managing and deploying 80 different parts in their DWDM network operations.

See what happened when this customer applied our industry leading optics solutions in their transition to a DWDM Access Network.

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In the Fast Lane: 5G Smart Strategies

Whether it be cars on a track or streaming data, both travel at mind-boggling speeds. When it’s all on the line, flawless execution requires smart planning strategies and a lot behind the scenes.

Learn how telcos are employing smart strategies to make their fiber count, and how you can stay competitive by using some of the same tactics.

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Strategies for More Environmentally Friendly Networks

Focusing on using sustainable technologies with minimal environmental impact is a strategy giving many companies a competitive edge. Consumers consider green technologies an important factor that influences their decision-making processes and fortunately for network installers and internet providers, there are a variety of methods of building and upgrading networks that are both good for the environment as well as the bottom line. Here we examine the benefits of fiber over other signal carrying technologies and provide insights on how to build the greenest fiber networks you can and reduce fiber counts.

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Enabling Offline DWDN Transceiver Tuning

Conventional, fixed-channel DWDM solutions and multi-platform environments often come with provisioning and sparing complexities, and tunable DWDM transceivers aren’t always a stroll in the park either.

Learn how Integra’s latest offline tuning capabilities eliminate these challenges, and expand remote install and secure facility tuning possibilities (no WiFi required!).

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Designing for Flexibility and Future-Proofing Networks

Increasing Bandwidth with Fiber Constraints
Designing networks is similar to the challenges civil engineers encounter when designing roads, bridges, and highways. In both scenarios, the ability to foresee and plan for the future is critical. Both require significant investments and will, at some point, be put to the test with high traffic and the need to adapt to unforeseen technology advancements.

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Reducing Data Center Expense and Protecting Investments

Reducing CAPEX and Cutting Inventory Requirements in Half
One of Integra’s customers provides IT services to all State branches of government including data center, Internet, ethernet, and private IP MPLS network services over their own statewide fiber network. They were looking to consolidate their many disparate data centers into a single footprint accessed through this network.

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Doubling Density and Customizing Passive Solutions

Maximizing CO Equipment Density to Reduce Opex
While adding and turning-up new customer links results in additional revenue, it often comes with the challenge of necessary expansion and the associated expense. Read how Integra helped one customer double their CWDM mux/demux density to push out their CO expansion requirements by 12-18 months in one CO, and 8-10 years in two others.

Learn more about Integra’s ISP and OSP passive solutions.

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Cost Effectively Transitioning From CFP to QSFP28

A Network Redesign with Built-In Migration Plans
As data needs and customer expectations continue to rise in a hyper-connected world, the call for 100G Ethernet and investment in network redesign is greater than ever before.

One of our customers was recently upgrading their core and transport portion of their network. Read how Integra worked alongside their engineers to help future-proof the investment.

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Pushing the Limits and Optimizing Uptime

A head-to-head test: OEM vs. Integra Optics
One of the keys to success in the telecom industry is having optics that can go the distance and perform at, and beyond the limit. When optics have to operate in a stressed network, optimizing uptime is no easy task. Think of an optic as an athlete; they push their bodies to the absolute limit every day and defy odds to perform above 100 percent capacity. When one of our customers came to us needing to find an optic that would not only perform well, but surpass industry standards in a stressed network, we knew it could be done, just like an athlete can thrive under pressure. After an exhaustive test environment was created, Integra’s optics proved to go the distance and excel under pressure.

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Putting the Control Back in Engineering's Hands

Integra’s Smart Coder
In today’s industry, navigating the challenges of multi-network and multi-platform integration is becoming a common trend. Following a large acquisition, one of our customers, a fiber infrastructure provider, was looking to upgrade the transport portion of their network infrastructure, while minimizing integration challenges and protecting their initial capital investment. Our solution to use Integra’s tech-friendly and intuitive Smart Coder proved to be a practical and cost effective solution that saved our customer their initial investment, ensured network uptime, and freed up idle assets.

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Tripling Bandwidth in Record Time

Government / Municipality
If the future could be predicted, telecom infrastructure projects would be planned much differently. But the real world requires best-guess planning, and sometimes even the most experienced planners are surprised by sudden traffic spikes. When our customer found themselves with an overloaded infrastructure right before their busiest season, they gave us a simple challenge: make one simplex fiber handle the traffic of three.

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Positioning a University for Growth

Higher Education
Today’s college student carries more devices than ever. And they expect their school to deliver constant, secure connectivity at every corner of campus. Many higher education institutions have older networks, built with a wide range of proprietary parts from different OEMs, all connecting to older single mode fiber. For one Integra customer, delivering always-up service was all about channelization.

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Enhancing the Customer Experience with No New Fiber

Mobile Backhaul
Mobile providers, service providers and MSOs must innovate to stay competitive. They also can’t easily afford massive infrastructure projects. To boost bandwidth cost-effectively, they have to make the most of existing fiber. When our customer needed to upgrade their mobile backhaul without new infrastructure, they looked to our engineering team for help.

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Maximizing the Value of New Fiber Assets

Multiple System Operator (MSO)
From time to time, our customers find themselves with newly acquired fiber. Sometimes obtained as part of mergers or acquisitions, the specific end use of a given length of fiber isn’t always defined at the outset. When our customer, one of the largest hosted communications providers in New England, came into a 125km length of dark fiber, they asked Integra to help make the most of it.

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Fixing the Right Problem

Service Provider
Sometimes an error is just an error. But Integra’s engineers are thorough types though, so when our customer’s 10g dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) span suddenly reported high rates of cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors, we wondered if it was just a symptom of the problem. Turns out, it was. And our solution saved time, money and came with a bonus.

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