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Choosing the Right Temperature for Your Transceivers: C-Temp vs. I-Temp

Ever faced a network meltdown due to temperature extremes ruining your fiber transceivers? We hope not. They are potential nightmares that can easily be avoided by correctly understanding which fiber transceiver best suits your specific applications. To ensure you make an informed choice, it’s important to understand your transceivers operating temperature ranges: Understanding the Ins… Read more »

Semi-Custom Fiber Optics Uses: Enhancing Networks with Tailored Solutions

Delve into the fascinating world of fiber optics uses in modern network architectures. When it comes to network architectures, there is never a one size that fits all solution. Distance, data rate, and density of the network connections can vary from one deployment to the next which ultimately drive your optical requirements. All of these… Read more »

PAM4 Optical Modulation: Meeting the Demands of Increasing Bandwidth

Have you ever wondered how the constant demand for bandwidth is met? The demand from global end-users is insatiable, with innovations in cloud computing, 5G expansion, and AI pushing an operator’s switch, router, and server interconnect data rates past the 100G milestone into 400G, with 800G and 1.6T well on the horizon as we all… Read more »

The Untold Impact of Fiber Optic Cleanliness on Network Performance

In the intricate web of modern network connections, fiber optics play a pivotal role. Acting as the lifelines of our digital age, they transmit data across cities, countries, and continents at the speed of light. Yet, amidst the complex discussions of network speed and reliability, there’s an often overlooked facet that significantly impacts the efficiency… Read more »

100G QSFP28 Optical Transceivers: Am I using the right tool for the job?

Probably the most common question we get from our customers when looking at our vast array of 100G QSFP28 Optical Transceivers to help optimize their network, is: “Why are there so many different types?” One might ask the same question (I know I have!) of the vast array of screwdrivers in a pro mechanic’s toolbox…. Read more »

Insights on Limiting Latency for Enterprise and Edge Data Center Infrastructure

Demand for decreased network latency has always been a challenge for data center managers, and the hastening pace of technological advancements has only increased the severity of that challenge. People have grown accustomed to the immersive, cutting-edge experiences provided by Big Data, the Internet of Things, cloud and streaming services and other tech achievements. And… Read more »

Passive networks that fit like a glove!

You’ve heard about Passive Networking. It saves money and provides options for scaling your network as your needs grow. This is true even for off-the-shelf filters.  But to make your network all that it can be you’ll need functions, features, and options that are designed specifically to meet your needs.  It’s the difference between buying… Read more »

Available Optics Optimize Uptime!

Optics Availability and Your Channel Partners Whether you are architecting the latest hyperscale datacenter or putting in a small enterprise server and storage closet, every network engineer and supply chain manager at Integra Optics wants to ensure that all the equipment arrives when you need it. Once you have mapped out your server and storage… Read more »