CEO Dave Prescott & Integra Optics featured in Telecom Ramblings

CEO Dave Prescott & Integra Optics were featured in Telecom Ramblings August 21, 2017. Prescott sat down with Telecom Ramblings to discuss how Integra Optics came to be and how the company is continuing to help turn up networks faster and keep them up and running.

Prescott started Integra Optics based off the struggles he was facing as an engineer and the critical issues experienced in the field today. He mentions that Integra prides itself on the quality of its products and the support it provides its customers. In fact, Prescott mentions this is the motive behind the rebranding Integra Optics recently went through.

Prescott has big plans for Integra Optics to keep advancing and adapting to market changes, new technology development, and the needs of its customers.

Another question posed to Prescott highlights Integra Optics’ move into the international market. Prescott is confident that the company will continue to thrive in new markets experiencing the same challenges with transceivers and uptime as U.S.-based companies.

The highlight in Telecom Ramblings provides great insight into what we can expect from Integra Optics this year and years to come: market innovation, superior service, and availability.

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