Customer Perspective: Why Integra?

Deep Blue Communications’ CEO, Brian Epstein, shares that “wifi is one of those things that just has to work for everyone, everywhere, every time”. As a company that installs and supports wifi networks for some of the world’s largest hotel chains, the company understands the importance of network uptime when it comes to end-user satisfaction and retention.

Learn why Deep Blue chose to work with Integra Optics, and the importance a true optics partner plays in faster turn-up and troubleshooting. 

“We are always striving to find better products that are more cost-effective for our customers. So, Integra has been great in that they trust us, we trust Integra.”

“We chose to work with Integra for the quality of the products and also their technical expertise.”

“Deep Blue Communications engineers, installs, and supports Wi-Fi networks. In hotels, Wi-Fi is one of those things that just has to work for everyone, everywhere, every time.”

“If you’re in a hotel now and you check-in and the Wi-Fi’s not working, you’re most likely to check back out.”

“We had a customer where we sent someone on-site, in a remote area, to try and figure out what was going on and it turns out the fiber modules had disappeared. So, we were able to reach out to Integra and make sure the fiber modules shift, after 5 o’clock at night, and they were there first thing in the morning.”

“A lot of times it’s hard to get through to the right people, like the bigger companies. With Integra, we’re able to get through to the right people quickly and resolve issues quickly.”

“With the advent of the internet of things, with 5g networks that are all coming onto our infostructure, there’s a lot of new technologies coming out.”

“Wi-Fi is really becoming the heart of the hotel.”

“Working with Integra into the future is, without a doubt, part of our plans. It makes it really easy to upgrade as capacity increases that we know we can reach out to Integra, we can buy the newest capacity fiber modules and pop them in existing switches that the customer already owns. Which makes for a very cost-effective upgrade.”

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