Differences in Transceiver Manufacturing

A head-to-head test: Integra vs. the OEM

Differences in transceiver manufacturing may be impacting your network. Watch and learn how these differences had a direct impact on a head-to-head test between Integra’s optics and the OEM.

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“Hi, I’m Kyle Henchy and on this episode of What’s Up we’re going to be talking about transceiver manufacturing differences that can impact network uptime. But, stay tuned because a little later I’m going to share with you the results of when a customer put our optics to the test against the OEM.”

“So, how do you ensure that you’re getting the best quality optics? It starts with raw materials. Integra gets it optics from only tier 1 suppliers. We have them shipped directly to our manufacturing plant here in the U.S. where they are coded, and triple-tested by our in-house robots. What you may not know is that most OEMs and third-party providers ship directly from the supplier and rely on them for coding and testing support. They have no idea if the transceivers they’re selling have proper code or even light up when plugged in.”

“We’ve talked raw material, so now let’s meet the robots who make our optics 33x more reliable than our competitors. Here’s where we do all our manufacturing and where our robots live. This is Rosie, she’s an amazing multitasker and is responsible for the coding, labeling, and impound testing. Now meet Mack, our inventory manager, he’s in charge of pulling and feeding optics to Rosie. He also keeps an inventory of every optic. Finally, this is Electronimo, whose primary role is to package optics and get them ready to ship to you.”

“So, what about that head to head test? When an international customer needed optics that could thrive in a stress network, we said challenge accepted. Without a solution, they were operating a link below capacity to changing out optics every 3 to 4 months. No fun for the operations team. A team of engineers put Integra’s 80km XFPs and 10km SFPPs to the test against the OEM. Integra’s optics far surpassed the expected reach and our customer turned the link up to almost full capacity. The OEM on the other hand barely made the distance. When the test was over, we actually left our optics installed in the network at the customer’s request.”

“I’m Kyle Henchy and that’s what’s up.”

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