Integra Optics Founder, David Prescott, Featured in the Daily Gazette

Integra Optics CEO, David Prescott, was featured in The Daily Gazette, talking about how he frequently draws upon his experiences living on a farm and his time in the Navy to lead Integra Optics. Prescott also talks about his role in creating an award-winning atmosphere for Integra’s employees. As a result, the company has seen rapid growth alongside the fiber optics industry.

Fiber Optics Company, Integra Optics, CEO, David Prescott

As a network engineer for a major cable company, Prescott experienced the frustration of downtime. Inferior optics and long wait times for replacements is what lead him to found Integra Optics, known for their dedication to uptime. Now, he focuses on giving his employees the tools they need to succeed in the fiber optics market.

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