Integra Optics Gives Back for 2015 Holiday Season!

Integra Optics is the home of the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program in upstate New York, and December wrapped up another successful year of donations. A total of $91,000 dollars was given to support the 2015 campaign; $40,000 of which was donated by Integra Optics. With the help of other local businesses and organizations, the program collected and distributed 125,000 toys this year to children across upstate New York. Toys are delivered by volunteers aboard the Toys for Tots train, which travels from Albany, N.Y. all the way up to the border of Canada in Clinton County, N.Y.

Albert Roman Jr., Logistics Supervisor at Integra Optics, is a retired Marine Corps veteran and has been the region’s Toys for Tots Program Coordinator for the past three years. Since Roman has led the program, over 300,000 toys have been distributed to children throughout the state. It’s a huge undertaking, but Roman is proud to do it, and he takes much satisfaction in knowing that he is leading an effort that brings great joy to thousands of children every holiday season.

Roman says, “Coming from a poor background, and being able to make a difference in a kids’ life is important because someone needs to show or tell these kids that no matter what situation they are currently going through, there will be a better tomorrow, and I’m living proof of it.”

Roman was awarded the Toys for Tots Coordinator of the Year in 2015 for his outstanding work in leading the Northeast region program.

View photos from this year’s Toys for Tot’s season on Integra Optics Facebook page. Check out more photos on the Capital Region’s Toys for Tots Facebook page here.