Integra Optics: The Most Trusted Name In Uptime

Integra Optics - The Most Trusted Name in Uptime

Integra Optics has revamped its brand, complete with a redesigned logo, new website, and a slew of informative content that reinforces our dedication to cutting edge technology and helping customers improve uptime. We built our new website to serve as an industry resource so that customers can stay informed on the latest industry trends, tips for increased uptime and get industry perspective from the Integra Optics executive team.

Integra Optics understands that end users expect their internet and phones to work 100% of the time. That’s why Integra Optics is 100% focused on uptime. Our mission is to ensure that our customers around the globe can turn up services faster, build out the fiber networks they need to be competitive, and keep them up and running.

The Website

We redesigned the Integra Optics website to make it easier for customers to navigate and ultimately get the optics that they need as quickly as possible. The new website features a clean and simple design that removes any confusion from the navigation process and is an industry and technical resource for our customers.

Helping Customers Improve Uptime

Let’s face it, in today’s always-on world no one can afford downtime. Downtime can create catastrophic financial consequences for network operators, since their key customers are losing profits due to annoyed end-users that are fed up with a lack of service reliability. Companies that lose access to key systems, applications, and databases are also faced with decreased productivity, performance, and efficiency.

Reports on the true costs of network downtime are quite telling. According to IDC, Fortune 1000 companies lose between $1.25 billion and $2.5 billion every year because of application outages. A company that brings in more than $1 billion in annual revenue could lose around $686,000 in revenue per minute of downtime.

Needless to say, network downtime can be fatal to a business, especially if an outage lasts for an extended period of time. There are a variety of ways to react to downtime. The best approach calls for proactivity, rather than reactivity. To preempt downtime, the most pragmatic strategy is to employ initiatives that foster increased network uptime.

Download Top 5 Ways to Maximize Network Uptime.

Why We Do What We Do

Keeping an aircraft up-and-running takes discipline and precision. There’s too much at stake for shortcuts that can lead to equipment failure. The same can be said for fiber optic networks. Businesses need their internet and applications to work 100% of the time, Integra Optics is as focused on uptime as you are. Watch this video to get a quick look into what drives Integra Optics: