Integra’s Smart Coder+

Patented Versatility and Flexibility

Reconfigure any Integra transceiver from 1G to 100G, giving your network engineers and field techs the power to code and recode how they need and when they need!

The Smart Coder+ has a variety of features including:

  • Recode all Integra transceivers in current form factors from 1G to 100G, for over 50+
    OEM platforms.Smart Coder+
  • Reduce sparing! Use the Smart Coder+ to tune 10G tunables or recode to a 10G or 1G fixed DWDM channel.
  • Recode transceivers as many times as needed.
  • Conduct diagnostic monitoring on both Integra and non-Integra brand transceivers (transmit power, receive power, temperature, and more).
  • Easily select parts and platforms with
    user-friendly interface.
  • Work with Integra engineers in real time through the app’s remote support feature.

Thank you for saving me from an incident created by another optics vendor…Integra shipped us tunables and using Integra’s Smart Coder, we were able to turn up our network faster. The project was completed on time thanks to the fast action of Integra. I have discovered that what initially looks like a good deal is not the entire price.”

                                                                            – Network Administrator, Jaguar Communications 

Talk to an optics expert for more information about the Smart Coder+.

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