Transceiver Inventory & Supply Chain Management

New solutions for a more predictable supply chain

With rapid increase in demand there are sure to be gaps in the supply chain. Already, it’s not uncommon to wait weeks or even months for replacement transceivers from OEMs. If you’re managing a network, your biggest concerns are going to be availability of optics and inventory control.

Integra Optics was founded in answer to the problems of reliability and availability. We’re committed to making our transceivers not only better, but also more readily available than any other manufacturer in the industry. We maintain a huge stock of optics that are accurately coded, tripled-tested and ready to ship when you need them. Because of this, Integra customers are increasingly turning to us to manage their supply chains. We provide inventory solutions that will help companies protect their networks and thrive during the rapid growth ahead.

A new standard of access and availability:

  • Integra maintains the largest inventory in the Western Hemisphere, so we can ship orders within days, rather than weeks or months like other providers.
  • We’re using high-speed robots for coding and testing to make the manufacturing and production process scalable to orders of any size, large or small.
  • We offer innovative supply chain management solutions for our customers, including managed inventory and local warehousing options to reduce costs and shipping times.

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