March’s Industry Mover and Shaker

Meet Nelson Quiles:

March's Industry Mover and Shaker

Q: What’s your role at the company, and how do you contribute to uptime? 

A: As a member of the Engineering team, I manage our product database and help to oversee customer support. My work at Integra ensures that customers receive quality parts as efficiently as possible.

Q: How long have you been with Integra? 

A: This coming August I will have been with Integra Optics for seven years!

Q: What is your favorite app to use and why? 

A: I’m a gamer, I love any app that’s a game. My favorite, however, definitely is Game of War.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? 

A: My father and grandmother.

Q: What excites you most about where the industry is headed? 

A: Our industry is moving toward higher speed transceivers and better service, which is exciting for us because we are all about uptime. This shift will also lead to 40G, 100G, and 200G offerings, with 400G to closely follow. I can’t wait!