Secrets Revealed: Warranty Voiding

Did you know the optics industry has some dirty little secrets? Hear what this optics insider has to reveal about OEMs and why he switched to Integra Optics.

“I know you’ve taken an enormous risk with this decision. We’re uncovering some dirty little secrets in the optics business. We’re finding that most folks are moving away OEM and moving into third party optics, much like yourself.”

“Tell me more.”

“Ugh! We were promised deep discounts through bundled pricing. We even received threats of voided warranty if we switched.”

“I’ve heard rumors that you’ve switched over to using Integra Optics in your entire network. I’ll tell you, that’s a real risk. Going with third party optics. You must be a gambling man.”

“I’ve got to tell you if these are the odds, I’m going all in. In the past two years alone, I’ve saved the company more than $12 million with Integra Optics. We’ve also had zero failures. These optics are actually out preforming the OEM in head to head tests. The OEMs don’t actually code and test their own optics.”

“But what about the voided warranty and support. It sounds like the OEM will just leave you hanging if they fail.”

“If they fail? In the past two years, we’ve had zero failures from switching. What the OEMs don’t want you to know is; these are little more than scare tactics. Limiting support is actually illegal. In the United States, there is something called the Magnuson-Moss Act. It prohibits manufacturers from limiting warranties to the use of their product.”

“What about turnaround times? I hear that similar companies need these things like yesterday.”

“Integra’s in-house robotics system processes orders within 24-48 hours. We’ve never been left hanging, waiting 6 to 8 weeks for a product as we have with the OEM.”

“I want to thank you for your time today. It sounds like you’ve really hit the jackpot with this partnership.”

“Don’t believe us? I’m Jimmy Anderson with Horry Telephone. I had all of the same concerns, but if you dig in like we did you’ll find out there are no support issues with the third party, and I promise you’ll have zero issues with Integra Optics.”

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