What the Tech: Reduce Sparing and Future-Proof Your Network


“Hi, I’m JoAnn Swapp the Director of Engineering here at Integra Optics. On this episode of ‘What the Tech’, I’m going to share with you how to reduce sparing and add flexibility to your network using our new Smart Coder+. A little later, you’ll hear how our product lines have reduced sparing for a current customer.

It’s the only patented recoding technology on the market. Recode from one OEM platform to another, for any optics from 1 to 400G. Need a fix channel? No problem. Recode our 10G tunables to any fixed DWDM channel. Additionally, easily adjust channels of our tunable optics anywhere, no Wi-Fi required. Another cool feature of our Smart Coder+ is the ability to check diagnostics of any optic, not just ours, and if you have a question while recoding, our team of engineers can remotely access the app in real time to support you and your network. Hopefully the wheels are turning as to how our Smart Coder+ can help you reduce sparing and drive margin. But don’t just take our word for it.

“Being able to take an optic and recode it to a different piece of equipment…that saves money, it saves storage, it saves purchasing, it saves across the board. You can utilize that equipment for years to come. You’re not invested in a particular optic, for a certain piece of equipment, for a certain period of time. It extends the life of your investment; to be able to recode optics using a Smart Coder,” says Integra customer Jimmy Anderson, of Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

I’m JoAnn Swapp and that’s what’s up with reducing sparing and network flexibility. Want to code your own optics, or learn more ways Integra can help keep your network up and running? Give us a call to speak to one of our optics experts or visit us online.”