What’s Up with Interoperability?

Hey guys, I’m Jon Zatlokowicz and on this episode of What’s Up, were looking at interoperability and choosing components for your network platform. I’m also going to show you this neat little device and tell you how you can get one for free.

MSO’s are constantly building out their fiber optic networks to keep up with customer demand. Their network engineers are speccing OEM transceivers because they’re worried about mismatched parts. They’re concerned about alternatives affecting performance, or worse, voiding their warranty.

One way around these challenges is to choose optics that are 100% interoperable with specific OEM platforms. Ask if your provider can develop custom wavelength transceivers for specific applications. With 100% interoperable transceivers you can even reconfigure transceivers in the field, in real time. Choosing transceivers that are 100% interoperable can help you keep your network up and running.

So what is this thing? It’s called the fidget spinner and it was designed specifically for engineers with nothing to do because they don’t have to worry about their network going down. Give us a call or email us your address and we’ll send you a fidget spinner as a gift: 1-877-402-3850 or email whatsup@integraoptics.com.

I’m Jon Zatlokowicz and that’s What’s Up.

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