What’s Up with Network Reliability?

Hey everybody, I’m Marlena Miller and on this episode of What’s Up we’re talking about network reliability. Stick around to the end to see us launch this cool quad copter drone.

Our customers are in a very competitive market. Reliability and uptime is a huge factor in their ability to retain their customer base. When they don’t have the product they need or product fails in the field, that’ll bump out all of their schedules bringing back up the network. Even OEM’s don’t test every single optic coming out the door.

Some third party suppliers code optics to be generic to used in multiple platforms. There’s no such thing. A generically coded transceiver could seem like it works in the switch at first, but one network upgrade or reboot and you could have network failure.

To improve your network uptime, start with optics that are proven to be more reliable. Choose a provider that codes and tests every transceiver before shipping and make sure the coding is correct and up-to-date for your network hardware.

Ok now we’re going to launch this drone and get a birds eye view of our robots.

I’m Marlena Miller and that’s What’s Up.

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