What’s Up with Uptime?

Hey everybody, I’m Lisa Carpenter and on this episode of What’s Up were talking about keeping your network up and running. And speaking of uptime, we’re going to send a few of our friends for a ride in this ejector seat simulator, so stick around.

In this industry, uptime is everything. Customers expect 100% reliability of their internet and phone services all the time. When those services go out due to equipment failure, network managers have to deal with hard-to-get replace parts, expensive truck rolls and unhappy customers. Downtime means lost revenue and lost reputation.

So what can you do to keep your network up and running? Start by choosing transceivers that are accurately coded and tested to be more reliable than OEM and 3rd party generics. Look for a provider with experienced engineers to help you with troubleshooting and custom applications. And finally, choose a company that can ship your order within days rather than weeks or months. Remember these tips for a more reliable network and more uptime.

I’m Lisa Carpenter and that’s What’s Up.

Okay, who’s first in the ejector seat?

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