What's Up at Integra Optics

Going the Distance: New Technology in a Hyper Connected World

In this connected world, our data connectivity is constantly being pushed to transport higher bandwidth and further distances…and need to be compatible with existing platforms… and limiting power usage… and maintaining a small form factor to maintain port density…PHEW!  This is definitely a tall order for pluggables; but technology marches onward. Without using amplifiers and filters… Read more »

Expanding Telepresence in the Workplace and School

Life 2.0 2020 has certainly been a year of change as we’ve navigated digital transition both in the workplace and in schools. The world has seen traditional models of education and business tested, fractured, and revised. It most definitely has been a learning experience; pre-information age models are catching up with the times. There are a plethora of benefits that have come with… Read more »

The AOC Advantage: How to Reduce Your Financial and Power Budget

Active Optical Cable’s (AOCs) have been quickly gaining traction and growing in popularity, especially in data center and enterprise spaces. AOCs offer a variety of benefits that will help turn up your networks faster and keep them up and running. The Basics: What is an AOC (and what are the benefits)? Let’s start really simple;… Read more »

How to Maximize Capacity with BiDi Technology

If history has shown us anything in the optical communications world, it’s that fiber resources are precious and costly to install or upgrade. Whether you are pushing to maximize the capacity over your own fiber plant, or looking to reduce leased fiber expenditures, you are not alone; everyone is looking for ways to get the… Read more »

What’s the Future of Technology in a Post-Pandemic World?

“May you live in interesting times”. We have all heard this saying before that often gives us mixed messages. Are these interesting times going to bring positive change, or negatively impact how we go about our daily lives? While there’s no crystal ball, it is safe to assume that the world is going to look… Read more »

Fiber Networking: Can Your Existing Fiber Be Doing More?

If you’re trying to make the most of existing fiber, you’ve probably thought about adding multiple wavelengths across individual fibers. Whether you have a PON network that could really use more bandwidth, or some CWDM channels on a path that you wish was doing more, understanding the wave-space different standards take up is crucial. The… Read more »

Planning Tips for Network Growth

Unlike that pair of pants or jeans, outgrowing your network is actually a good problem to have! As your business grows, the carefully (or not so carefully) planned network that you have is starting to feel cramped and maybe starting to impact your bottom line. Doing a network reorganization can be simple or tricky depending… Read more »

New Product Announcement: WiFi Smart Probe

Now you can quickly and easily inspect and analyze the endface of fiber optic connectors, with Integra’s NEW WiFi, wireless scope and application. Learn more about this comprehensive and effective field portable solution. Key Benefits of the Smart Probe: Reliably gauge the condition of fiber Reduce technician training time Automatic fiber qualification Automatic report generation… Read more »

Breaking Down Buzzwords Part Two: Remote PHY

In part one of our “breaking down buzzwords” series, we dove into the details of Fiber to the What?! (FTTx). In part two of this series, we breakdown another hot topic that our customers, and the industry, have been buzzing about: Remote PHY.   Remote PHY (often truncated to R-PHY or RPHY) is a key element in… Read more »

Infrastructure Investments: How to Reduce CAPEX and Maximize ROI

Technology is exciting, services are great, but cash is king! Everyone is looking to spend less and make more. In this article we look at how a service provider can do both, from an optical communications point of view. We highlight three ways to reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) and maximize the ROI from infrastructure capital… Read more »