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Fiber Optic Components for Data Transmission Providers

The explosion in voice, video, and data transmission continues to put ever-increasing demand on even the most robust fiber-optic networks. The need for quality, reliability, bandwidth scalability, and ever-increasing speed and distance of transmission is unrelenting. What’s more, it’s become increasingly important to accomplishing expanded network capabilities and performance without investing unnecessarily in the expense of additional build out.

IntegraOptics stocks one of the industry’s largest inventories of 100% OEM compatible components ready ship and meet the needs of virtually any bandwidth. Your network can provide the fastest possible upload and download speeds, all reliable and scalable from (fill in the range of speed they can offer).

Thousands of OEM compatible, pre-tested components ready to ship.
One reason network engineers trust working with IntegraOptics is the vast inventory of pre-tested, OEM-compatible components we keep on hand, right here in the U.S. Most of our transceivers, passives, and accessories ship the same day. Many other OEM-compatible suppliers neither pre-test for quality or stock large enough inventories to respond promptly–meaning you could be waiting weeks or months for critical components.

In addition, if you need custom-engineered parts that will expand your capabilities without requiring heavy infrastructure investment, our custom-engineering capabilities can offer you performance enhancements on standard parts the OEMs do not.

And IntegraOptics components are available direct, online, through major distributors, and our growing network of industry solution providers.

Questions to Ask Your Fiber Optics Supplier