What's Up at Integra Optics

Passive networks that fit like a glove!

You’ve heard about Passive Networking. It saves money and provides options for scaling your network as your needs grow. This is true even for off-the-shelf filters.  But to make your network all that it can be you’ll need functions, features, and options that are designed specifically to meet your needs.  It’s the difference between buying… Read more »

Available Optics Optimize Uptime!

Optics Availability and Your Channel Partners Whether you are architecting the latest hyperscale datacenter or putting in a small enterprise server and storage closet, every network engineer and supply chain manager at Integra Optics wants to ensure that all the equipment arrives when you need it. Once you have mapped out your server and storage… Read more »

Boost Your Bandwidth 400ZR and Open ZR+!

400G ZR and ZR+ Bandwidth! You can never have enough! Network operators face the ever-persistent challenge to support increasing data traffic while balancing capital and operating expenditures. To do so, we often rely on technology advances to increase transport capacity and drive down the cost per bit. Some of these advances come in the form… Read more »

The WDM offerings in SFP28 have hit the market!

Hot on the heels of our introduction to the 80km SFP28 ZR 25G optics, there’s even more news about the SFP28 format! For MSOs and Telcos Wavelength Division Muliplexing (WDM) is well known. Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing or CWDM offers up to 18 channels over a fiber pair while Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) can… Read more »

How Does ISO Play an Important Role to Integra Optics Customers?

Quality can be easy for a manufacturer to promise, but difficult to deliver. At Integra Optics there are two important ways we ensure that promise: A steadfast dedication to our quality management system and ISO 9001 certification. Integra Optics’ Quality Management System (QMS) How does a supplier assure a customer that they can deliver a… Read more »

SFP28 ZR: Extra Bandwidth, Extra Distance & Decreased Latency!

The SFP28 format is maturing rapidly!Already providing 25G over short and medium distances, the format now includes the SFP28 ZR 80km. The established variety of options to select from include: 25G for 100M over OM4 multimode fiber pair (SFP28 SR 25G) 32G fiber channel at up to 2km over single mode fiber pair (SFP28 IR… Read more »

The 100G Bidi Solution: How to Navigate Growing Pains!

For those of you already well versed in BIDI’s and their applications, the big news here is that BIDI’s have reached 100G speeds and are currently available in 10km and 20km varieties. Even bigger news is that 40km is on the not-so-distant horizon. Still interested? Keep reading! Your Growing Organization As your organization grows, you… Read more »

Dirty Fiber? Let’s Take Care of That!

We’ve all heard it a thousand times. Make sure you clean your fiber. Really, how important is it? If you have a brand new fiber that you’ve just taken out of the package, can’t you just skip cleaning? Just this once? I know you’re not likely to have the discipline to clean every fiber at… Read more »

The Structured Approach to Network Troubleshooting

Have you been on the receiving end of a call informing you that there was an “impacting event”, “service-affecting outage”, or “mission-critical failure”? If so, it probably came at the least opportune time; sitting down at a restaurant, just as you’re getting off work, or even in the middle of the night. This inspires a… Read more »

Top 5 Essential Tools Every Technician Needs

Having the right tool for the job is such a common-place phrase for good reason! Whether you are a network technician, a plumber, or a dentist, having the proper tools in your tool kit makes you more effective, efficient, and can help guarantee the highest quality of the job at hand. For a network technician,… Read more »