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Integra’s Manufacturing Facility

Integra Optics is committed to providing the highest quality optics today, that also future-proof networks for tomorrow. Take a look at our manufacturing facility located in upstate New York and learn about our ready-to-serve production process!

Integra’s Smart Coder 2

Integra’s newest addition to the Smart Coder family is the Smart Coder 2 which features bluetooth connectivity, is fully battery powered and includes access to our new Smart Coder Mobile App! Watch and learn more about the Smart Coder 2’s full functionality in our feature product video.

What the Tech: Reduce Sparing and Future-Proof Your Network

  “Hi, I’m JoAnn Swapp the Director of Engineering here at Integra Optics. On this episode of ‘What the Tech’, I’m going to share with you how to reduce sparing and add flexibility to your network using our new Smart Coder+. A little later, you’ll hear how our product lines have reduced sparing for a… Read more »

Secrets Revealed: Warranty Voiding

Did you know the optics industry has some dirty little secrets? Hear what this optics insider has to reveal about OEMs and why he switched to Integra Optics. “I know you’ve taken an enormous risk with this decision. We’re uncovering some dirty little secrets in the optics business. We’re finding that most folks are moving… Read more »

Integra’s Smart Coder

On this episode of What the Tech, Engineering Manager, JoAnn Swapp, shows you how Integra’s Smart Coder can help you increase efficiency and network uptime. Juggle multi-platform environments and future-proof your current optics investment with Integra’s Smart Coder. Interested in coding your own optics or learning more about our other products? Speak to one of… Read more »

Customer Testimonial: Horry Telephone

Hear what Jimmy Anderson has to say about the importance of choosing a partner, not just an optics supplier and how Integra’s 24/7 engineering support helped Horry Telephone develop software compatibility to deliver the services they needed, in record breaking time. “With customers expecting uptime, expecting service delivery, I don’t think you can put a… Read more »

Differences in Transceiver Manufacturing

A head-to-head test: Integra vs. the OEM Differences in transceiver manufacturing may be impacting your network. Watch and learn how these differences had a direct impact on a head-to-head test between Integra’s optics and the OEM. Talk to an optics expert to learn more. “Hi, I’m Kyle Henchy and on this episode of What’s Up… Read more »

What the Tech: Fiber End Face Inspection

  “Hello everyone, I’m engineer and optics expert Dan Davis. Today we are going to talk about fiber end-face inspection, after successfully cleaning a fiber optic transceiver” “The first connection the fiber optic makes is with the end face fiber. All too often, we find our customers who are cleaning the fiber optic transceiver still… Read more »

What the Tech: How to Clean an Optic

Maintaining reliable network connections requires clean connectors. If you have a dirty optic, your signal will be blocked which can lead to frame rate loss, lost data, and the inability for data to reach it’s end destination. Dirt and debris can also embed into fiber end face which can cause permanent, performance-affecting damage. At Integra,… Read more »