Building a culture of network uptime

At Integra Optics, uptime is part of our corporate DNA. And we bring that commitment to our loyal customers with solutions and service that help them make network uptime part of their culture, too.

Integra Optics was started to solve a serious business problem: network downtime. Founder Dave Prescott worked as a network engineer with a major cable company for 14 years, so he knew the challenges of keeping a network up and running. He knew the frustration caused by inferior optics, network outages these components caused, and the long wait times for replacement transceivers. Prescott decided to start a company that could provide a source for high-quality optical transceivers that was reliable, responsive and completely unlike the vendors he worked with for years.

100% focused on uptime

The first goal of Integra Optics was to create a new standard of quality and precision for the optical transceivers that every network depends on. Integra brand optics start with only the best materials and first-quality equipment. We invested in a rigorous production process that includes the first and only high-speed robots in the Western Hemisphere. By automating functions such as coding, testing, inventory and shipping, Integra can scale production capacity to handle virtually any order, large or small in days, not weeks or months. And by eliminating human error, we ensure that our optics are delivered correctly coded and triple-tested 100% of the time. This results in transceivers that are 33 times more reliable than both OEM and third party generics – the most reliable optics in the industry for more reliable network performance.

To reduce shipping times and keep up with the needs of large network customers, Integra maintains the largest inventory of optics in the Western Hemisphere, ready to ship anywhere in the world within days, rather than weeks or months like other suppliers. Only a Veteran-owned business could manage logistics like this.

We also created a culture dedicated to problem solving and customer service. Our team includes dedicated engineers, technicians and sales support. Every member of the team understands that uptime is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs.

Together, our team can help customers:

  • Turn up services faster;
  • Design and build out new fiber;
  • Extend the reach of existing networks;
  • And keep networks up and running more reliably and cost effectively than ever before.

Smart solutions to network reliability

We’re continually developing new solutions and products that help our customers get networks up faster and more cost effectively than ever before. The Integra Optics Smart Coder is one of the innovative tools we offer. It allows technicians to reconfigure Integra transceivers for specific hardware right in the field, without having to waste time finding replacement optics or worrying about coding accuracy. The Smart Coder is a perfect example of our single-minded focus on developing new solutions to keep our customers’ networks up and running.

Integra Optics’ culture of uptime is a unique part of our company and brand personality. We live by this commitment to uptime every day. It’s a guiding principle in every decision we make and every solution we seek. And when an entire company is 100% focused on uptime, it becomes contagious. It starts to spread to our loyal customers who strive to make uptime part of their culture, too.

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