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Fiber Optic Network Solutions

IntegraOptics has earned a solid-gold reputation for fast delivery of quality-tested and custom-engineered fiber-optic solutions. We began by serving the service provider community, where we quickly earned respect for the devotion we commit to our customers, solving their challenges and pro-actively anticipating and satisfying their needs.

Our reputation is quickly spreading now into other networking communities. For example, IntegraOptics is actively cultivating relationships with quality-minded network engineers in business enterprises, healthcare institutions, utility companies, and educational and government campuses.

Our Value Proposition is Simple
No matter what your industry, IntegraOptics extends the value of your network by offering high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to OEM connectors, and custom components that even OEMs don’t supply. All of our products are engineered, tested, and stocked in our U.S. headquarters, and backed by our robust customer support and full warranty.

Network engineers who switch to IntegraOptics never switch back. They tell us it is because we offer:

  • Superior product performance and reliability
  • Domestically stocked inventory
  • Short lead times – usually 1 to 3 days
  • Reputable engineers – we design, program, and test every component in-house
  • Personalized service, including highly customized solutions

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