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Warranty on IntegraOptics Products

IntegraOptics is very confident of the reliability of our products. Our unique approach to coding and testing every product at our U.S. location ensures superior performance. But should a problem occur, we back all of our transceivers with a limited lifetime warranty.

Buy with Assurance
Sometimes customers assume that using a read-compatible component product (like Integra’s) will void the system manufacturer’s warranty of the networking/ communication system itself.

You should not assume that.

In fact, if you review the system manufacturer’s warranty language, it’s very likely that you will find that the warranty does not require the use of the system manufacturer’s transceivers, and that using a read-compatible product (like Integra’s) does not void the warranty. Indeed, there are a number of important legal restrictions that usually prohibit a system manufacturer from voiding a warranty simply because the customer used a read-compatible component.

We’ve researched this question carefully with legal professionals and can send you the information you need to put your mind at ease. Please contact your IntegraOptics sales representative or reach out to Customer Support,