Integra Optics Inbound and Outbound Testing Process

Integra’s inbound / outbound testing process is what makes our optics 33 times more reliable than OEM and third-party generics. Our transceivers are triple-tested before they go out the door and into customers hands.

Our robotics team plays a major role in making sure all of our transceivers are coded and tested to function 100 percent of the time in any network. Our robots – Mac, Rosie, and Lectronimo process up to 6,000 optics per day. Having the robotics team as part of our product fulfillment process allows us to scale production to meet market demands and customer expansion.

Integra Optics is the only transceiver manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere using in-house robots designed specifically for coding, testing, and fulfillment. Our rigorous testing process has solidified Integra’s reputation for being the most trusted name in uptime.

Inbound / Outbound Testing