The Structured Approach to Network Troubleshooting

Have you been on the receiving end of a call informing you that there was an “impacting event”, “service-affecting outage”, or “mission-critical failure”? If so, it probably came at the least opportune time; sitting down at a restaurant, just as you’re getting off work, or even in the middle of the night. This inspires a… Read more »

Customer Testimonial: Horry Telephone

Hear what Jimmy Anderson has to say about the importance of choosing a partner, not just an optics supplier and how Integra’s 24/7 engineering support helped Horry Telephone develop software compatibility to deliver the services they needed, in record breaking time.

Top 5 Essential Tools Every Technician Needs

Having the right tool for the job is such a common-place phrase for good reason! Whether you are a network technician, a plumber, or a dentist, having the proper tools in your tool kit makes you more effective, efficient, and can help guarantee the highest quality of the job at hand. For a network technician,… Read more »

OFC 2020: Insights in a COVID-19 Environment

In our industry, staying up-to-date on cutting edge technologies is more important now than ever. Operating in a COVID-19 environment has driven the demand for data and tested the need for reliable networks more than ever before. As a part of our research into trends and technologies, we typically attend the annual Optical Fiber Communication… Read more »

Integra Optics and the Buy American Act

What is the Buy American Act? The Buy American Act (BAA) requires U.S. federal government agencies to procure U.S. domestic goods for public use purposes. Qualifying products must be manufactured in the U.S., with the majority of constituent components by value, produced in the U.S. or in select countries qualified by Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)…. Read more »

Perfecting Your Field Techs Every Day Carry

Perfecting the everyday carry is a finish line that’s always moving. Network engineers and administrators need an emergency kit that they can rely on to address emergencies, and have on hand at all times. Often times when an emergency happens, the engineer on the site realizes what they had on hand just wasn’t enough. When… Read more »

New Arrival: Introducing the Smart Coder 2!

Integra Optics is your trusted partner, dedicated to responsiveness, quality, efficiency, and providing you the tools that let your business pull ahead of the pack. That is why we’re very excited to introduce our newest addition to our suite of Smart Coders; the Smart Coder 2! Integra Optics’ suite of Smart Coders enable you to… Read more »

Differences in Transceiver Manufacturing

Differences in transceiver manufacturing may be impacting your network. Watch and learn how these differences had a direct impact on a head-to-head test between Integra’s optics and the OEM.  

Infinite Electronics, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Integra Optics

IRVINE, Calif. – Infinite Electronics, Inc., a leading global supplier of electronic components serving the urgent needs of engineers through a family of highly recognized and trusted brands, has announced today its acquisition of Integra Optics, a leading provider of high-quality optical transceiver products and solutions. Founded in 2007, Integra is recognized for innovative network… Read more »

November’s Employee Spotlight

Integra’s Mover and Shaker: Lindsay Santoro Q: What’s your role at the company, and how do you contribute to uptime? I am a Senior Account Executive based out of Kansas City. I contribute to uptime by always being available to help my customers when they need something and by proactively engaging with my customers to… Read more »