Why bend insensitive fiber is better: Tip #2

Bend-insensitive fiber has many advantages. In patch panels, it should not suffer from bending losses where the cables are tightly bent around the racks. In buildings, it allows fiber to be run inside molding around the ceiling or floor and around doors or windows without inducing high losses. It’s also insurance against problems caused by careless… Read more »

How to properly clean your optics. Tip #1

We get a lot of calls from customers asking our experts to help troubleshoot their issues. We’re happy to help and we respond on nights and weekends too. Most of the time, problems with optics can be solved by simply cleaning optics. So, we wanted to share our know-how with you in a series of videos. They… Read more »

Integra Optics announces joint venture with TiOptics

ALBANY, N.Y. (Monday, March 7, 2016) –  Executives from Integra Optics announced today the formation of a joint venture with TiOptics, Inc., a fiber optic technology research and product development company located in San Diego, California. The new business unit will be formally called Integra R&D. Integra Optics, currently headquartered in Albany, NY with a… Read more »

Integra Optics launches Production Facility in Brazil

Our first fiber optic equipment production facility south of the US-Mexico border. Brazil’s first and only Astronaut, Marcos Pontes, joins the company as Brand Ambassador. SAO PAULO, BRAZIL (January 26, 2016) – Executives from Integra Optics announced today during the Metroconnect 2016 Trade show the launch of their first international production facility in São Paulo,… Read more »

Integra Optics is coming to a City Near You!

Integra Optics is bringing our expertise and thought leaders to your town in 2016! Be on the look out for us at the tradeshows/conferences listed below. We’d love to hear about your needs and challenges, and tell you how we can work with you to provide a customized solution. Metro Connect – Miami, FL 1/26… Read more »

Integra Optics Attending Metro Connect 2016!

Integra Optics is excited to attend Metro Connect 2016! We are joining the conversation to explore key themes that are relevant to our growth in the coming year. Specifically, the acquisitions, new technologies and capital investments that will help us to better serve our customers. We also have two MAJOR announcements planned for the conference. Stay tuned for details!… Read more »

Integra Optics Gives Back for 2015 Holiday Season!

Integra Optics is the home of the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program in upstate New York, and December wrapped up another successful year of donations. A total of $91,000 dollars was given to support the 2015 campaign; $40,000 of which was donated by Integra Optics. With the help of other local businesses and organizations,… Read more »

Integra Optics wraps up 2015 with SmartCoder Launch!

Following a successful year of tremendous growth, Integra Optics closed out 2015 by unveiling an innovative new product, the SmartCoder! Integra Optics’ SmartCoder allows network engineers to quickly and easily recode transceivers to be compatible with virtually all network platforms. Integra Optics hosted an exclusive SmartCoder launch at their headquarters in Latham, N.Y., to kick off the… Read more »

Integra Optics Expands Management Team with Three New Hires!

LATHAM, N.Y. November, 12th 2015 – Integra Optics, a leading fiber optic solutions company, and one of the fastest-growing companies in New York State’s Capital Region, added three new managers to its senior team: Sr. Director of Product Management, John Homsey, Sr. Director of Marketing, Paul Fahey, and Director of Human Resources, Nick Abdo. “It’s… Read more »

Integra Optics Kicks Off 2015 Toys for Tots Campaign!

The Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots 2015 holiday season program was officially launched at Integra Optics’ headquarters last month, making this the 3rd year in a row that the company has served as the home for the program in upstate New York. A press conference was held at Integra Optics’ facility in late October to… Read more »