Our Optical Transceiver Manufacturing Process

The Integra process is designed for uptime

When your network goes down due to equipment failure, it means dissatisfied customers, expensive truck rolls and lost revenue. Your business and your reputation depend on reliable service – and equipment you can count on. Integra Optics is leading the way in uptime. We’re innovating the optical transceiver manufacturing process for more reliable optics and increased availability. From product concept to customer service, we designed our process to get the very best transceivers to our customers faster than ever before.

Innovating every step of our process:

  • Designed for interoperability: Integra brand transceivers are designed and programmed to be 100% interoperable with OEM platform hardware and fully comply with OEM equipment warranties.
  • Automated production: We developed an automated production process in our US facility, using the first high-speed robots in the Western Hemisphere especially for coding and testing transceivers.
  • Accurate coding: Every transceiver is correctly coded and tested 100% of the time, resulting in optics that are 33 times more reliable than both OEM and third-party generics.
  • On-demand availability: We maintain the largest inventory of transceivers in the Western Hemisphere to ship orders anywhere in the world in days rather than the weeks or months, and help customers manage their supply chains.
  • 24-hour support: We have an experienced customer support team, available 24-hours a day, for technical support and equipment orders.
  • Experienced engineers: Integra’s engineers draw on vast industry experience to help troubleshoot problems, consult on network design solutions and help with turn up.
  • ISO Certified: Integra Optics holds the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification for our dedication to quality in every step of our processes.
  • A responsive, Veteran-owned organization: Integra’s commitment to uptime includes unmatched customer service, next-day shipping and even private aircraft to respond to our customers’ needs.

See how this process results in more reliable transceivers and maximum network uptime for you.