What’s Up with Availability and Inventory Control?

Hey everybody, I’m Jeff DeWeese and on this episode of What’s Up, we’re talking about availability and inventory control. A little later, I’m going to show you how this robot is revolutionizing product fulfillment, so stick around.

There’s a storm brewing and it might just be a perfect storm.

Three things are contributing to this storm. Number one is the cloud. Everything is moving to the cloud now. No one really knows how big the cloud is, but it’s thought that it’s one exabyte. One exabyte is equal to about 4.2 million Macbook pros. That’s a lot of computing. It’s thought that over the next five years, the cloud is going to grow four times the size it is right now.

Number two, is fiber to the home. Providers are deploying fiber to the home across the country. We’re also deploying 5g. There’s one wireless provider that recently purchased 37 million miles of fiber for over a billion dollars.

And the third thing is the optics industry. Ten years ago, the optics industry was a two billion dollar market. Today, it’s about a four billion dollar market. In about five years, it’s estimated that it will be about a forty billion dollar market.

All of those speak to two things, inventory and availability.

Here are some ways to deal with availability and inventory issues.

Number one, choose a provider that inventory’s in the western hemisphere to reduce shipping times. Number two, make sure their production is scalable, to keep up with large or small orders. Number three, consider outsourcing your inventory to save time and reduce overhead costs.

I’m Jeff DeWeese and that’s What’s Up.

Now let’s see these robots at work.

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