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Coherent Thoughts on Coherent Optics

If you work anywhere in or near the field of optical networking, chances are you’ve heard of coherent optics. We know what a coherent does — transfer data really fast and really far — but what does “coherent” really mean here? Let’s start with the “really fast” part. The bandwidth that can currently be moved… Read more »

What the Tech: Fiber Jumpers Part 2

In Part 1 of our three-part Fiber Jumper series, we discussed the differences between single mode fiber and various multi-mode standards. We’re back for Part 2 of our three-part Fiber Jumper series and ready to dive into cable variations, and what they all mean. Rules of the Road: Simplex and Duplex Simplex: Simplex is quite simple;… Read more »

Get the Green Light: A Trusted Versus Trendy Solution

For more than a decade, many of the largest brands in the industry have recognized and benefited from the use of third-party optics, and third-party optics are becoming the norm versus the exception. All major OEMs have begun to accept third-party optics as part of an overall budget-friendly, reliable network solution, and some OEMs are… Read more »

What the Tech: Fiber Jumpers Part 1

If you’ve ever been involved in setting up a network, even as an observer, you’ve probably seen fiber of various colors and connectors. And similar to that dryer mysteriously eating socks, if you lay one perfectly coiled jumper on top of another and look away for a moment, it will transform into a horrible tangled… Read more »

Choosing the right solution for your 100G deployment

Navigating through any and all options available when planning to deploy a 100G optical solution can be challenging, an alphabet soup of acronyms if you will. Customers are often left asking, “why do you optical guys/gals have to make things so complicated!?”. Customer needs drive innovation, and this has led to proliferation of form factors… Read more »

You Can Tune a Transceiver, but You Can’t Tuna Fish

You can tune a transceiver, but you can’t tuna fish Any REO Speedwagon fans in the house? That one’s for you. You’re a fiber squeezing, bandwidth boosting ninja. Whether leasing fiber over an IRU or maximizing your own, you made the most of the per strand-per mile terms by leveraging WDM filters and smartly utilizing… Read more »

What the Tech: Reduce Sparing and Future-Proof Your Network

  “Hi, I’m JoAnn Swapp the Director of Engineering here at Integra Optics. On this episode of ‘What the Tech’, I’m going to share with you how to reduce sparing and add flexibility to your network using our new Smart Coder+. A little later, you’ll hear how our product lines have reduced sparing for a… Read more »

One Size Rarely Fits All: Tailoring Optics Solutions for 5G

From shoes to suits, there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. This is particularly true as it relates to technology advancements and making the right moves now to plan for 5G network architecture requirements in the future. While previous “generations” (3G, 4G) represented significant upgrades to data capacities and speeds, 5G represents a shift in increased demand… Read more »

In the Hot Seat: Understanding I-Temp

As they say, there’s a tool for every job, and I-temp’s no different. A common question we get is, what’s the actual difference between these parts and how do I pick the right one for my application? First, it’s important to understand that all transceivers in a network have a target operating temperature range: Commercial… Read more »

How to Navigate Outgrowing Your CWDM Network

Making the Most of Your Fiber Fiber’s like hot rods and ragtops…perfect until you’re trying to cram three car seats (aka traffic) into the backseat. The American classic Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was on to something…ah, the ability to easily fit your entire family into a two-seater. Similarly, when it comes to fiber – how do you… Read more »