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MSA: What it does (and doesn’t) mean for you.

When it comes to transceivers, the term “MSA spec” is often mentioned, but what does it actually mean? And if the transceivers you’re buying are to MSA spec, does that guarantee OEM compatibility? The answer is…not always. You may think that there’s an official standards organization, but there’s not. You may have heard that two… Read more »

5 Reasons to Tour Your Optics Provider’s Facility

You can gather a lot of information about an optics partner through discussion, lab evaluation, and historical failure rates, but touring their manufacturing facilities can often offer additional insight. This is why Integra always encourages prospective partners and current customers to visit providers’ facilities to assess scalability, processes, support, and more: 1. See the Manufacturing… Read more »

Think Big..and Small

There are so many factors to consider when thinking through network builds, redesigns, or simple existing network improvements. Whether you only have a small amount to spend or you have a substantial budget, these commonly asked questions can help you think big….and small. Q: How can I keep my data center build on or under… Read more »

Integra’s Smart Coder+

Patented Versatility and Flexibility Reconfigure any Integra transceiver from 1G to 100G, giving your network engineers and field techs the power to code and recode how they need and when they need! The Smart Coder+ has a variety of features including: Recode all Integra transceivers in current form factors from 1G to 100G, for over… Read more »

The Top 10 Apps Integra’s Engineers Are Using

Whether our engineers are out in the field or in the lab coding optics, they have a few go-to apps they love! Here are the top 10 our engineers are currently hooked on.

Secrets Revealed: Warranty Voiding

Did you know the optics industry has some dirty little secrets? Hear what this optics insider has to reveal about OEMs and why he switched to Integra Optics. “I know you’ve taken an enormous risk with this decision. We’re uncovering some dirty little secrets in the optics business. We’re finding that most folks are moving… Read more »

Integra’s Smart Coder

On this episode of What the Tech, Engineering Manager, JoAnn Swapp, shows you how Integra’s Smart Coder can help you increase efficiency and network uptime. Juggle multi-platform environments and future-proof your current optics investment with Integra’s Smart Coder. Interested in coding your own optics or learning more about our other products? Speak to one of… Read more »

Where Will Your Fiber Go in 2019?

More than ever, 2019 is poised to be the year of 5G and expansion in cloud computing. As these two technologies secure their spaces in both urban and rural markets, infrastructures will be required to expand in support of the rapidly increasing data demand. From small businesses to global conglomerates, we’re keeping a pulse on… Read more »

Differences in Transceiver Manufacturing

A head-to-head test: Integra vs. the OEM Differences in transceiver manufacturing may be impacting your network. Watch and learn how these differences had a direct impact on a head-to-head test between Integra’s optics and the OEM. Talk to an optics expert to learn more. “Hi, I’m Kyle Henchy and on this episode of What’s Up… Read more »

The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Optical Network

Highly effective optical networks don’t just happen over night. There are a number of habits that help network engineers stay one step ahead. 1. Plan and build with flexibility in mind Anticipating future needs of a network can be challenging, but a network architect can plan for growth and incorporate flexibility into the build in a number… Read more »