Customer Testimonial: Horry Telephone

Hear what Jimmy Anderson has to say about the importance of choosing a partner, not just an optics supplier and how Integra’s 24/7 engineering support helped Horry Telephone develop software compatibility to deliver the services they needed, in record breaking time.

“With customers expecting uptime, expecting service delivery, I don’t think you can put a price tag on that, because your brand, your company is at risk.”

“For 17 years, I was in network engineering. My role in that area, in particular, was to engineer the best possible network that we could. Part of that is optics. Integra Optics is a product of choice.”

“We as a company at Horry Telephone, are only cutting edge of using the latest and greatest technology. Which means we’ve got DWDM going in, we’ve got bidirectional optics going in, we’ve got 100G internet going in. All of these poses challenges. There may be new software, there may be new hardware, that needs interoperability. So, we are able to work hand in hand with our engineering team and with Integra optics engineering team, to develop software compatibility, to deliver those services we need to deliver in record-breaking time. When we don’t have a product, we can’t deliver services. In the past, we have had issues where we’ve got a large project, we order the equipment, and then it won’t arrive when needed. Since moving to Integra, we haven’t had that experience. Everything’s on time we can have it overnighted, whenever we need it. We can get the product we need or service we need.”

“We’ve been doing business together for 3 years. Integra Optics performs flawlessly. We haven’t had any failures. I definitely see our relationship with Integra as a partnership. As a company, we like to build relationships first, and then we’ll get to the product. That way, I got the trust in them and they got the trust in us before we build that business relationship. That’s really what got us off the ground, was the relationship between the two companies. It has people first and then product later.”

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