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Strong Early Adoption of 400G Optical Solutions

Let’s face it, these days we can’t consume data fast enough. Higher Ethernet speeds, Cloud computing, Internet of Things and virtual data centers continue to increase, rapidly driving advancements in 200G and 400G. In fact, it’s estimated that 400G technology is ramping three times faster than 100G.  Doubling Carrying Capacity 400G is a solution that… Read more »

A Tale of Two Cables: AOC vs. DAC

Direct Attach Cables (DAC) and Active Optical Cables (AOC) are growing in popularity as data center and enterprise usage increases. Integra’s DACs and AOCs can help turn up your networks faster and keep them up and running. Both options are plug and play, available in a variety of configurations to meet your network requirements and… Read more »

The Future of 100G

The Future of 100G 100G technology is quickly on its way to becoming mainstream by 2020 for its cost efficiency, stability, flexibility, speed and capacity. OEMs are releasing support for single-carrier line rates of 100G/200G/400Gbs based on optical technology, initially niche solutions targeted towards long-haul DWDM transport for extremely high-capacity applications. See the full 100G… Read more »

Future-Proofing and Investing in Flexibility

Future-Proofing and Investing in Flexibility Future proofing your network and investing in flexibility is vital for your network’s uptime. With new, emerging technology and more options to choose from than ever before, making the right decision may seem like an impossible task. Here’s a quick comparison of a few common options so you can weigh… Read more »

What the Tech: Fiber End Face Inspection

  “Hello everyone, I’m engineer and optics expert Dan Davis. Today we are going to talk about fiber end-face inspection, after successfully cleaning a fiber optic transceiver” “The first connection the fiber optic makes is with the end face fiber. All too often, we find our customers who are cleaning the fiber optic transceiver still… Read more »

What the Tech: How to Clean an Optic

Maintaining reliable network connections requires clean connectors. If you have a dirty optic, your signal will be blocked which can lead to frame rate loss, lost data, and the inability for data to reach it’s end destination. Dirt and debris can also embed into fiber end face which can cause permanent, performance-affecting damage. At Integra,… Read more »

How to Properly Equip Techs in the Field

When field techs are out in the field, it is vital that they are properly equipped to help keep networks up and running. We’ve found that there are five essential tools that every tech needs to solve problems quickly and cost effectively. For more How-To’s, sign up for our newsletter!

What’s Up with Bundled Pricing?

On this episode of What’s Up, Mike Bellini gives us a little break room talk about why bundled pricing isn’t always the best deal. In today’s optics industry, OEMs are simply processing transceiver orders from somebody else, and bundling their pricing to protect margins on their hardware. They’re relying on suppliers for the actual transceiver… Read more »

Tips From The Trenches: 7 Things Engineers Do To Ensure Uptime

While success in the telecom world is measured in uptime, the tips and tricks engineers use every day to ensure faster turn up and predictable uptime are often overlooked. As the saying goes, the devil’s in the detail. The mechanics of creating and maintaining network uptime remain fairly standard. The real difference in reliability comes… Read more »